Suunnittelutoimisto Tuula Hägerström

We are a specialized interior design agency based in Helsinki. We design the interiors of public and private spaces. Our firm plans and develops entire interiors, sections, reconstructions, new constructions and renovations.

Our interior areas include:

  • Restaurants (cafes, nightclubs, pubs, fine dining restaurants, hotel restaurants, staff restaurants)
  • Hotels
  • Conference facilities (from negotiation rooms to sauna compartments)
  • Stores
  • Exhibitions
  • Other public spaces
  • Private homes

Many of our client's are listed on the references page of the site, and additional images can be found by clicking each title.

Our latest references

» Restaurant Strindberg
» Restaurant Salutorget
» Restaurant Seasons (Hki-Vantaa Airport)
» Bar Delight (Hki-Vantaa Airport)
» Go! Café (Hki-Vantaa Airport)
» My City Helsinki (Hki-Vantaa Airport)

Contact us

Suunnittelutoimisto Tuula Hägerström Oy
gsm: +358 (0)50 555 8083 / Tuula Hägerström
email: tuula.hagerstrom(at)